Working Papers

Any minor between 14 and 17 years of age who would like to apply for the working papers must download and print the application and follow the instructions provided below.


School Environment

  • Hello

    Parents have the right to receive information or communicate with a staff member at their school or Department of Education office in their language.

  • Bullying / Respect for All

    Respect for All helps you understand you can do about bullying, whether your child is a victim, perpetrator, or witness.

  • Digital Citizenship

    Both parents and teachers need to help students be good digital citizens. Here are the responsibilities expected of, parents, students, and teachers.

  • After-School

    Find after-school programs for your child. Many programs give students opportunities to learn skills, explore their interests, and discover new things and most programs are free.

  • Attendance

    How do students do well in school? They go every day! Here are some basic things you should know about attendance in New York City schools.

  • Building Accessibility

    Find out about the accessibility of school buildings, request an accommodation, or learn how to file a discrimination complaint.

  • School Counselors

    Counseling support staff can help to ensure your child’s success in school and in the future. Know what to ask for at a conference with your child’s counselor.

  • LGBT Supports

    The New York City Department of Education supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) students, families, and staff across the five boroughs through a variety of policies and programs.

  • Immigrant Families

    The Department of Education and the Mayor’s Office are committed to protecting the right of every student to attend public school, regardless of immigration status, national origin, or religion

  • Get Help at Your Charter School

    If you need help at your child’s charter school, you can reach out to staff or file a complaint.

  • Guidelines on Gender

    New York City Department of Education has policies to maintain a safe and supportive learning and educational environment in all schools, including for transgender and gender expansive students.

Colleges that our students attend:

  1. University at Albany
  2. Canton University
  3. City College
  4. Hunter College
  5. Lehman
  6. John Jay
  7. Brooklyn College
  8. College of Staten Island (CSI)
  9. Florida A&M University
  10. Howard University
  11. University of Massachusetts
  12. Medgar Evers College
  13. University at Buffalo
  15. Kingsborough Community College
  16. BMCC
  17. LaGuardia