The Public Schools Athletic League is an organization that promotes student athletics in the public schools of New York City. It was founded in 1903 to provide and maintain a sports program for students enrolled in New York City public schools. The PSAL serves both boys and girls. PSAL holds competitions in a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports in fall, winter and spring seasons. In 2007, the league included 185 schools involving nearly 2,400 teams.


Why should I join a sports team at Brooklyn Theatre Arts?

Joining a sports team is a great way to make friends, get involved in the community and develop your sportsmanship/athletic skills. Aside from the enumerable health benefits from sustained physical exercise, our athletes develop leadership skills through positions such as team captains and by demonstrating good sportsmanship on a regular basis. Eligible students competing on certain teams are exempt from taking a required gym class, thus freeing up their schedule during the school day for other endeavors. 

There are 7 schools on the grounds. A student from any school can participate and play under SOUTH SHORE VIKINGS.



All students are encouraged to apply for a spot on a sports team, provided they meet the general requirements for membership as well the specific requirements for their chosen team(s). All students wishing to apply to a sports team must:

  • Submit a medical form signed by a doctor.
  • Maintain an overall academic average of 65% or higher. Students on a team may not fail any academic subjects. Students whom fail one or more academic subjects may be removed from their team, or be placed on probation until his/her grades improve.
  • Maintain a clean disciplinary record. 
  • Possess strong moral character as demonstrated by good sportsmanship and being a team player. 
  • Certain teams require that prospective players complete a tryout.
  • Be willing to travel to off-site games, practices and competitions.
  • Commit to the necessary amount of time required for the team. Students must be able to manage their academic courses while participating on a team.  

Who should I contact?

Mr. Pat Trani

Assistant Principal

Director of Athletics

South Shore Educational Complex

(718) 968-4134 / Room C-102


To visit the official PSAL website, click visit http://www.psal.org


The 5+1 Rule

  • A student must pass five credit bearing subjects and physical education
  • 3 of the 5 classes must be major subjects. CTE classes may not be counted as majors
  • A senior programmed for 4 or 5 classes who fails one class, in his/her senior year, will be eligible for PSAL so long as the failed class is not required for graduation

The 10 Credit Rule 

  • A student must accumulate ten credits for the two semesters prior to the eligibility period not counting PE.

GPA (Grade Point Average)

  • There is NO current requirement for GPA
  • Student-athletes must achieve a passing GPA at time of eligibility evaluation.
  • The athletic director may submit a Request for an Eligibility Review of a Student-Athlete when extenuating circumstances exist. The principal must approve this request.


  • Students must achieve a minimum of 90% attendance at the end of each marking period.


  • 9th Grade students who are granted a transfer will be deemed eligible.


PSAL Interscholastic Athletics Parental Consent Form 0812

Medical Form